Prologue Edit

Jr. Troopa Skip

Black Toad Skip / Merlon Skip

Chapter 1 Edit

Stair-Switch Skip (aka Chapter 1 Staircase Skip)

Log Skip

Chapter 2 Edit

Buzzar Skip

Early Train

glitched Chapter 2 via sewers

Ch. 2 Peach Cutscene skip with Loading Zone Storage

Chapter 3 Edit

Early Train

Quick Escape

Ch. 3 Peach Cutscene skip with Loading Zone Storage

Chapter 4 Edit

Train Track Manipulation

Gormet Guy Skip

Chapter 4 Parakarry Clip

Ch. 4 Peach Cutscene skip with Loading Zone Storage

Chapter 5 Edit

Blue House Skip

Raphael / Yoshi Skip

Lava Puzzle Skip (aka Half Baked Pie Jump)


Footrace with Kolorado the Quick

Out of Bounds Lava Piranha Fight

Peach Warp

Chapter 6 Edit

Early Lakilester

Blue House Skip (via Lakilester Clip)

Clippy Boots

Peach Warp

Chapter 7 Edit

Early Herringway

Sushi Glitch

Staircase Skip

Mirror Clip

Kooper Skip

Peach Warp

Chapter 8 Edit

Block Clip (aka Basement Skip)

Fast Flood Room


Luigi Skip

Chapter Non-specific Tricks Edit

Item Duping

Lakilester Clipping

Parakarry Clipping


Clingy Partner

Loading Zone Storage

Useless tricks Edit

Boo's Portrait without Parakarry

Anti-guy skip

Kooper Smooches

Baby partners

Tornado UI glitch

Super Block Storage

Sound looping glitch

Chapter 8 levitation glitch

Refight Goomba King

Little Oinks manipulation

Ice Power glitch

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