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Chapter 3 (TTYD) JPChapter 4 (PM)Chapter 4 (SPM)
Chapter 4 (TTYD) ENChapter 4 (TTYD) JPChapter 4 Train Tracks Manipulation
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Chapter 5 (TTYD) JPChapter 6 (PM)Chapter 6 (SPM)
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Prologue (PM)Prologue (TTYD) ENPrologue (TTYD) JP
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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsSuper Paper MarioTheoretical stuff and possibly useless glitches
File:5-1 Skip the block patternFile:5-2 Quick Level-Up TrickFile:638px-PM2 Prologue.jpg
File:640px-PMTTYD Title.pngFile:640px-PaperMarioTitleScreen.pngFile:640px-SPM Chapter1 1.png
File:640px-SPM Title.pngFile:Banner.pngFile:Blooper skip
File:Blue House Skip setupFile:BogglyTree.jpgFile:Bowser pmario.gif
File:Bowsersinsidestorycover.jpgFile:C-down stutterFile:Ch1 comic.jpg
File:Chapter 1 Switch Room SkipFile:Chapter 3 Spike SkipFile:Chapter 5 - Parakarry Clip (Flarakarry)
File:Chapter 8 Shadow Sirens Skip (Paper Mario TTYD Glitch)File:Chapter 8 Wooden Wheel Skip (Paper Mario TTYD Glitch)File:Consolebluehouse.wmv
File:Creepy steeple.jpgFile:Crystal palace.pngFile:Dodge 2 goombas
File:Dodge the cracked wall KoopaFile:DryDryRuinspm.pngFile:English Yoshi Skip
File:Example.jpgFile:Exit storehouseFile:Faster Blooper Fight (Super Paper Mario)
File:FinalBattlePM.pngFile:FlowerFieldsPM.pngFile:Forum new.gif
File:Fountain blue boxFile:Get past guarded doors?File:GlitzPitSpeedRunGrid.png
File:Glitzville.jpgFile:Gusty gulch.pngFile:Highlights Sushie Clip
File:How to get a Kooper KissFile:KoopaFort.pngFile:Kooper skip
File:Lakilester EarlyFile:Lava pirahna skipFile:LeftArrow.png
File:Log Skip Explanation - Paper MarioFile:Luigi skipFile:MLDream.jpg
File:MLSS-Title Screen.pngFile:MarioLuigiPartnersTimeBox.jpgFile:Moon landing.png
File:New Paper Mario Chapter 4 Out Of Bounds ClipFile:PM2 Hooktail.jpgFile:PMTTYD Gate Handle Early
File:PM RepelGelLocations.pngFile:Paper Mario.jpgFile:Paper Mario - Blue House Skip with Controller Input
File:Paper Mario - Blue House Skip with Controller Input (Spin Method)File:Paper Mario - Gourmet Guy Skip proofFile:Paper Mario - Gourmet Guy Skip proof-0
File:Paper Mario - Gourmet Guy Skip proof-1File:Paper Mario - Gourmet Guy Skip proof-1354233358File:Paper Mario - Gourmet Guy Skip proof-1354233590
File:Paper Mario - Gourmet Guy Skip proof-2File:Paper Mario - Gourmet Guy Skip proof-3File:Paper Mario - Shining some light on the Gourmet Guy skip, with console setup
File:Paper Mario 64 Glitch - Chapter 7File:Paper Mario Black Toad Skip TutorialFile:Paper Mario Bowser Castle Glitch
File:Paper Mario Cannonless TutorialFile:Paper Mario Ch5 Yoshi Skip - JP onlyFile:Paper Mario Chapter 5 - Half Baked Pie Jump
File:Paper Mario Chapter 5 - Raphael Skip (Works on english jp)File:Paper Mario Chapter 6 Second Story Entry ~DoicmFile:Paper Mario Merlin part skip
File:Paper Mario New Item Duping TutorialFile:Paper Mario TTYD - Fish Glitch - Chapters 5 and 6 EarlyFile:Paper Mario TTYD - Flurry Door Clip
File:Paper Mario TTYD - Invalid Item GlitchFile:Paper Mario TTYD - Invalid Item Glitch-0File:Paper Mario TTYD - Running through NPCs
File:Paper Mario TTYD Backwalk glitch without super bootsFile:Paper Mario TTYD Bypass any walk-triggered loading zoneFile:Paper Mario Train Skip
File:Paper Mario Version TestingFile:Paper Mario Yoshi AND Raphael Skip Tutorial (JP Version)File:Paper Mario log skip with controller input
File:Paper Mario simple comparisonFile:Peach WarpFile:Picture0025.jpg
File:Possible Glitch for Paper Mario 64File:Quick damage from fire barFile:RightArrow.png
File:SMRPG Title.pngFile:SPM - Goomba Skip (1-3)File:SPM - Ice Cherbil Skip (1-3)
File:SPM Chapter2 1.jpgFile:SPM Chapter3 1.jpgFile:SPM Chapter4 1.jpg
File:SPM Chapter5 1.jpgFile:SPM Chapter6 1.jpgFile:SPM Chapter7 1.jpg
File:SPM Chapter8 1.pngFile:SPM Tut -Chapter 5File:SPM Tut - Chapter 1
File:SPM Tut - Chapter 2File:SPM Tut - Chapter 3, Part 2File:SPM Tut - Chapter 4
File:SPM Tut - Chapter 6File:SPM Tut - Chapter 7File:SPM Tut - Chapter 8
File:SPM coin route comparisonFile:ShyGuysToyBox.pngFile:Smorg.jpg
File:Spm Tut - Chapter 3, Part 1File:Stair-Switch SkipFile:Staircase Skip
File:Staircase Skip 2 Bombshell Bill Turbo HD Remix 2013 EditionFile:Super Mario RPG - Mack SkipFile:Super Paper Mario - 7-4 Rainbow Bridge Skip using Thudley infinite jump glitch
File:Super Paper Mario Life Shroom Jump 1-2File:Super Paper Mario Life Shroom Jump 2-1File:Super Paper Mario Life Shroom Jump 2-1-0
File:Superstar Saga Glitch Tutorial Barrel Storage, Barrel Clipping, and Early FirebrandFile:Sushie glitch setup and routeFile:TTYD - What NOT to do in a speed run - Damage from environment
File:TTYD Chapter 3 Duct EarlyFile:TTYD Chapter 3 Office Door GlitchFile:TTYD MajorLeague.png
File:TTYD MinorLeague.pngFile:TTYD ShadowQueen.jpgFile:Two time savers in volcano
File:Water Switch SkipFile:Water Switch Skip Non-TASFile:Water level skip
File:Water puni skipFile:Weird paper mario TTYD glitchFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wise Wisterwood Clip tutorial - Paper MarioFile:Yoshi's village.png

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