Mirror Clip is a Lakilester clip in Chapter 7 that allows Mario to skip a "required" encounter in Crystal Palace. Mirror Clip also has the adverse effect of reversing the control scheme of Mario's movements when on the far side of the mirror in some areas of Crystal Palace.

How It WorksEdit

After entering Crystal Palace, Mario should proceed normally and obtain the Blue Key. It is extremely important that Mario grabs the Blue Key before performing Mirror Clip or Mario will become stuck on the far side of the mirror, resulting in a softlock.

Mario should then return to the lobby and pull out Lakikester as his partner.

In the the center of the room is a Mirror with two pillars separating pieces of the mirror. Mario then needs to position himself between the two pillars directly against the mirror, and he should then spin left or right along the mirror so that Laki adjusts himself to be right against the mirror.

Mario should then position himself to be to the left of lakilester. Repeatedly flick the control stick to the right so that Mario pushes lakilester against the right pillar.

Once Lakilester is in the "corner" where the pillar meets the Mirror, Mario can slowly move right against the pillar, which will push Mario down-right around the pillar. After Mario is at the bottom of the pillar. Mario should then slowly move up, which will force Mario to move up-right against the pillar.

As Mario begins to move upwards, lakilester will briefly teleport away of the screen and back to Mario. During this time, Mario has a two frame window (roughly 1.5 seconds after moving up) to ride Lakilester, which will cause him to clip through the mirror.

After clipping, Mario will be able to enter the north corridor and push the Albino Dino statue, allowing him to proceed normally through Crystal Palace.

Note: There are several indicators that Mirror Clip has been peformed correctly. The camera will slightly adjust to the far side of the mirror, the control stick will be inverted, and the "real" Mario on the top side will show the Speedy Spin particle effects while fake Mario on the bottom side will not.